The former operators of were found to be selling replica Chanel goods in violation of Federal laws. A United States Federal Court has ordered this domain name be permanently removed the ownership and operational control from the former replica seller and transferred to CHANEL.

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ABOUT YES CHANEL GIFT REPLICA HANDBAGS was formerly an online replica store selling replica Chanel handbags, wallets, and other accessories such as sunglasses. For example, replica Chanel handbags were priced on average between $190.00 and $209.00. Some "featured" replica bags were priced at $427.00. Replica Chanel wallets were priced with an average of $174.00 to $177.00.


Although replica prices can be very low, it may not be worth the asking price. Most replicas are manufactured by keeping overhead, materials, labor at a very low cost. Low standards such as these result in products that are flawed, defective, damaged or easily go to pieces.


Even though it may not be obvious that the replica trade sidesteps laws and aims to convince consumers to go along, replica Chanel handbags, wallets, accessories, and all other replica products for that matter, replicas are absolutely illegal. Fake products being offered for sale on the internet are replicated and sold surreptitiously by widespread crime networks who deliberately ignore established laws regarding counterfeiting and intellectual property. Criminal organizations unscrupulously wage their bets while breaking many laws to get their hands on money from shoppers. The money is often used to pay for other crimes.

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